translated from Spanish: Uber adds the «silent mode»

Uber almost always brings controversy. In the case of our country there are still conflicts with taxi drivers about their legal aspect. But beyond that, in the U.S. this application that allows the transfer of passengers from one point to another is more developed and now adds the function of «silent mode», so that the drivers do not dialogue with users during the journey. This option applies to the premium service named Uber Black and Uber Black SUV. There the user (at the time of requesting the service) can request that he does not want to have dialogue with the driver.

There are also the variants «happy to speak» or without preference, but all of them can not be requested once the arrival of the vehicle is expected and not once on board. But in turn, another condition is included, in which it is not necessary to announce to the driver that you carry luggage in a spoken way, only specific by the application. The driver will help you load it in the trunk. In addition, the user can request the temperature of the cockpit previously so that once in the car enjoy the trip as you like. Of course all these conditions will be charged more than if a user uses the common service that can be worth up to less than half. Uber has already been installed in 63 countries and in more than 700 cities. As reported by the company its turnover has increased exponentially since in 2,017 has raised about 7.9 billion dollars and in 2,018 has climbed to about 11.3 billion. It has also added some 91 million of monthly users to December of the previous year.

From the company they have announced that neither Uber workers have the obligation not to speak, but they can get a negative rating if they do not comply. In this note:

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