translated from Spanish: Unusual: Prize for sports champions included epilators, files and vibrators

In the city of Las Vegas, the United States, the Asturian championship of Squash was held, which passed without major novelties until the awards, when the controversy erupted. The women who won the contest received, apart from the trophies and medals, a set with «feminine» products, such as epilators, Limes and comforters. The situation left no one indifferent, and so the Instagram account «won with them» denounced the situation. In their publication they wrote that: «We begin by denouncing an outrageous situation that the players who won the Asturian Squash Championship have experienced. As a reward: a hair removal kit, an electric file and a star gift, a vibrator! «, and they added that» it is degrading, outrageous, pernicious, inconceivable, but sadly real. What did the organizers of this official championship with such a gift mean? Is the top of machismo, have exceeded all limits. » The answers and comments were not made to be expected, noting that the situation was a «lack of respect», «out of all places» and that increased the «differences in the sport». In response from the organization they said they did not want to «offend anyone» and that they recognized that they are «inappropriate gifts, which are out of context and that should never have been delivered, especially the electric stimulator.»

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