translated from Spanish: China Tour: FACh reported no charges for transfers by presidential plane

Institutional explanation, in response to a requirement through transparency mechanisms, came after the president’s son, Cristóbal Piñera, said he covered all his expenses in his participation in the Asia tour and that there was no Costs to the state.

In response to a request made through the mechanisms of transparency, the Chilean Air Force (FACh) reported that it does not carry out charges for the transfer of presidential flights. The request came after the sayings of the son of President Sebastián Piñera, Cristóbal Piñera, who said that in his participation in the tour to Asia covered all his expenses and that there was no cost to the state. In the request to the FACh, it was requested the procedure by which they carry out collections to private individuals for transfers in institutional planes during trips of Estado.Al respect, the institution said that the case is governed by a norm that establishes that they will not be carried out Charges for flights to the presidency, “must maintain administrative control of these flights.” In accordance with the foregoing, the institution does not collect or invoice flights of the designated nature, “the Air Force added. The request also requested information on whether there is a way to apply as a particular to managed trips and Carried out by the FACh, to which the institution explained that it does not depend on them or those who compose, nor the mechanism to integrate a presidential tour.

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