translated from Spanish: Minister Spina denies that travel to Asia of Piñera’s children has had additional cost to the state

“It is common sense (…) Was the plane going to take the president? Yes. Does the plane mean a different cost for one or more additional passengers to go? It’s exactly the same. The Air Force has regulated it many years ago. ” With that statement, Defense Minister Alberto Espina denied that the voyage of President Sebastián Piñera’s son, Cristóbal Piñera Morel, had an additional cost to the state.
Espina said that the transfer had no additional cost as the son of the president traveled on the presidential plane, in which non-government-related passengers can travel without costs.
“Cristóbal Piñera’s voyage on the Air Force plane (presidential) had no additional cost to the state of Chile of any kind or nature,” said the head of the defense portfolio.
The Secretary of State also explained the confusion about the statements Cristóbal Piñera, who said he had paid for his trip. 
“When Cristóbal Piñera meant that he had paid his expenses, it is obvious that he is referring to expenses that are not related to the aircraft; But it refers to the expenses of accommodation, food and others that he wants to do. ”

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