translated from Spanish: The vice of Rosario Central dreams of Mascherano: «The Doors are open»

Since they left the world map, Javier Mascherano and Ezequiel Lavezzi are two of the figures of the litter of the World Cup 2014 that seem to be soon to return to Argentine football. Among the clubs that are mentioned with them two, it appears Central Rosary, of which the «Pocho» is recognized swells and by which the «D.D.» keeps a affection. Together in China, closing their careers, both depend on themselves for the return, but in the country they know that it is impossible to compete with certain contracts. Still, they dare to ask for them. 

Mascherano and Lavezzi, the dream of Central Rosario. Photo: Instagram @pocho22lavezzi

The path of Lavezzi seems to be much closer to Rosario than another club (including San Lorenzo), but the Mascherano sounds stronger to return to the country before and already had calls from students (friendship with Gabriel Milito and relationship with Verón) and River Plate , a club where he emerged as a football player. Central did not want to be less and in an interview on Radio La Red, Ricardo Carloni Reconció have had a talk with the former Barcelona. «We had a call to know the possibilities in terms of the contractual that the player has with the Chinese team. It would be a pride and a pleasure that he could end up in an institution like Central, «he shot.

«We had a football talk with Mascherano,» Ricardo Carloni, Vice de Rosario Central. Photo: Mascherano14

«We had a football talk with Mascherano. Lavezzi is also an idea that when he wants to join the institution, the doors are open, «said the vice president of the» scoundrel «, who at other times had recognized a call for Angel Di Maria, but the end, which already flirted with his ex-club, even It still shows that it is in effect to play in the elite.

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