translated from Spanish: Tito Fernandez: “Do you believe in a rape to a woman who goes more than two or three times to a motel with the same man?”

In conversation with the fourth, Tito Fernandez “El Temucano”, he referred to allegations of abuse against him and said that the allegations, which he described as false, have destroyed his musical career.
“The sect was not such, and I have said it to the investigators. Tallis was a branch of the Integral Center of Metaphysical Studies. And it lasted nothing, dude, “said Fernandez, who added that he did not play a role as” Grandmaster. ”
“What a great teacher, or what eight rooms. I was never a teacher of anything. Great master I told the authors of the books we read. And yes…, there were initiations that had a sword and gave three touches to people-Men and women-but never in the intimate parts, he said.
Regarding the accusation of raping women in a motel and petitions that he would have made to them of a sexual nature, the Temucano denied all allegations. “This will fix it justice do you believe in a rape to a woman who goes more than two or three times to a motel with the same man? I went with them to that particular motel for their own wills. In addition, to be frank, I have several years with dramas in the prostate and ‘ The thing ‘, as you understand, I did not work much.
“A violation implies strength, violence and I would not hurt anyone and second, because of how old I was also had no muscles for them. The women were younger than me. My big problem was having me emotionally involved with them… “He raised.
“They killed my career. I want to ask Chile to give me a job. I haven’t grabbed a microphone for eight months and I need to eat, “said Fernandez, who announced that he will have a show on August 3 at the Caupolicán along with Pedro Messone and Jorge Yáñez. “There you will realize that Chile loves me and that I am innocent. I trust justice, “he said.

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