translated from Spanish: After the death of Brazilian tourists government called to prefer registered accommodation in Sernatur

After the death of six Brazilian citizens occurred on Wednesday afternoon in a department leased by a digital platform in Santiago, the undersecretary of tourism, Mónica Zalaquett, called the population to prefer formalized accommodation and Registered in the National Tourism Service (Sernatur).
“This situation, which provokes a deep sorrow, is the fruit of an informal offer. The digital platforms came to stay and the problem is not the platforms, but the informal offer that is provided in them. That is what we must fight, the informality in this industry, because it generates tremendous risks for people. We have asked representatives of the platforms to only raise a formal offer, but unfortunately this has not happened, “said Zalaquett.
Therefore, he said that “we call on people to only use hosting services that are registered in Sernatur. The law obliges all those who offer a lodging to register in Sernatur and to do so must have all their documentation up to date. That is the only way we have to control them, to make sure that they have the necessary elements and to give security guarantees to those who visit us. ”
In this line, the undersecretary recalled the website in which the complete register of registered accommodation is located.
“People can check there if the place they plan to stay is registered. It is a platform that is updated periodically, that has almost nine thousand registered lodgings, located by commune in all Chile, “added the authority.
In addition, the tourism owner noted that together with the undersecretary for crime prevention, during the last year, the campaign “Safe Tourist” was worked, with the aim of providing safety recommendations to tourists arriving at airports and steps which will be reactivated and will continue to advance in new actions to keep tourists informed.
Regarding eventual legal regulations to the digital platforms for rental of properties for tourist purposes, Zalaquett stated that “We are working in different instances, one of them is the formalization table, where together with public actors and Private we review alternatives to precisely push the formal offer and prevent situations like this happen again. ”

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