translated from Spanish: Baby elephant dies who was forced to dance in a zoo

Thailand.-A baby elephant died after being abused by the owners of a zoo on the island of Phuket in Thailand, where he was forced to dance in order to amuse the tourists. The young pachyderm was called “Dumbo” and was only 3 years old. His legs had been broken two weeks before he died, and because his caretakers had him in a state of abandonment and neglect, his health was complicated to the point of causing death. Activists denounced that from long ago “his skeletal body clearly suggested that he was sick and could be suffering from malnutrition and exhaustion.” And despite that, the zoo didn’t do anything. It was only after several weeks that the animal, in an evident state of deterioration, was taken to a hospital, where they found that it suffered an intestinal infection that prevented them from absorbing nutrients and to remain standing, so that their bones and muscles weakened and, in addition to The forced activities, two of their limbs ended up breaking.

In various videos and photos diffused by the organization Moving animals It is observed how the small elephant was forced to dance by its caretakers with the sole purpose of entertaining the visitors of the zoo, even if its state of malnutrition and deterioration was Evident. Only because of the video of the abuses of Dumbo and the international criticism that emerged from it, the zoo authorities decided to give in and take him to receive medical care, but by then it was too late.
We want to thank everyone for their great support of Dumbo. We hope you will find the peace that was so cruelly denied in life, “said Amy Jones of Moving animals.

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