translated from Spanish: Mauricio MACRI: “Luckily we changed, it was not a whim of history”

In the framework of the Argentine Forum exports 2019, Mauricio Macri reiterated his approach to foreign policy, emphasizing the need to be integrated into the world and marking the differences in this respect with the previous administration. The forum presents itself as a space where “a prominent group of leaders, makers, experts and thinkers, both national and international, will share their vision, ideas and experiences so that you feel inspired to look beyond the borders and encourage Go out into the world. ” The topics range from how to understand the cycles of the global economy, export as a model of economic development, strategies for access to markets or the export DNA of Argentina, to strategy and decision-making, innovation and management of change.

In this context, Macri departed to point out that there is no doubt “that it will be a huge opportunity and I hope that everyone is inspired to take the next step, encourage to export, that more than one step would say it is a leap. All the countries that developed it were made from a greater integration with the world. ” “It is clear that exporting brings many benefits, so it is logical that we ask, why not all small, medium and large companies in our country export? And the answer jumps in view, because it made it difficult, many years our country turned its back on the world? “said the president. Pointing to the previous government was that responded by posing as variables “leghold traps, bureaucratic obstacles, mafias, overpricing, finally the lack of institutionality. All the problems that made us a partner you couldn’t trust. ” “Sometimes it seems that we forgot that until recently that was our country. But luckily we changed, it wasn’t by chance, it wasn’t a whim of history. We decided to change, mature and take charge, “Macri deepened. 

“This time we can’t let the opportunity pass. I invite you to make export an essential part of your business, “concluded the president. To see the full speech you can click here. In this note:

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