translated from Spanish: Vidal announced discounts on light rate for neighborhood clubs

Governor María Eugenia Vidal chose the José Hernández Center for Social and Sports development in the city of La Plata to announce a 30% discount on the electricity bill for clubs in the district of Buenos Aires Province. In the country N about 7,000 neighborhood clubs involving more than four million people in a direct or indirect way: two million of them are underage boys. It is estimated that the average monthly light consumption of the neighborhood clubs is $15,400 (3,400 KWh), thus saving approximately $4,620.

«Neighborhood clubs are places that are not missing in any town in the province. They accompany us since we are boys, offer a place to the family, discover or give opportunity to appear a sporting talent and are a place where we know that our children will be safe, where families have a space to meet. »

According to Vidal, the objective of the measure «is to accompany all people who put the body and heart to the care of the boys every day, for many years.» How is the process to achieve the discount?
The clubs will be able to access this benefit with a simple registration through the web entering clubs must be civil non-profit associations, have legal domicile in the province of Buenos Aires, possess legal status in force or maximum of one year to begin the formalities to obtain it. In addition, they will have to certify an age of three years since its formal constitution, to possess a minimum amount of fifty (50) partners and a maximum of 2,000 and the social quota must not exceed 8% of the minimum wage, Vital and Mobile ($1,000). Finally, the clubs must be framed in the tariff categories: T1-small demands (up to 10 kW-mes), T2-medium demands with power contracted up to 30 kW-month and T4 small rural demands. In this note:

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