translated from Spanish: Housing Nuevo Laredo 25 pregnant migrants

Tamaulipas.-The mayor of Nuevo Laredo, Enrique Rivas Cuéllar, said they have a census of 25 pregnant migrants in hostels of several nationalities facing risks in the process of gestation, after the shortage of drugs, after cuts in matter D And health of the Government of the Republic.

We have taken care of that situation in the matter of public health more, however, we require basically the support of medicine

“Only in Nuevo Laredo today we have about 25 pregnant migrants, who obviously require assistance, of medicines, because everything that is required in the gestation process and that we will have to have a greater care in this type of cases,” he added.

Rivas, in an interview in this capital to attend an event of Pan mayors, chaired by the national leader Marco Cortés, said that to date about two 1500 migrants, of them about 1200 Cubans and 400 Africans, are in at least six hostels in The city.

In addition, it warned of a population of undocumented floating outside the shelters of some 400 migrants, of which no authority has any control in matters related to safety and health.

“We have been making a call and going to a level of demand to the federal government to support us, to help us, is a time bomb, which we have there in Nuevo Laredo,” he said.

Yesterday, he said, he interviewed a federal congresswoman to shortly send a letter to the House of Deputies through the Migration Commission, and demand resources to address the crisis for the phenomenon of migration that is living in Nuevo Laredo.

I met with Deputy Lic. Julieta Kristal Vences Valencia, president of the Committee on Migratory Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies, in this working meeting we saw issues related to the situation of migrants in #NuevoLaredo — Sergio Ojeda Castillo (@SergioOjedaCas1)
May 24, 2019

Of the border cities of Tamaulipas, said that Nuevo Laredo surpasses the others, and that even in talks with the mayor of Reynosa, Maki Ortiz, pointed out that in that locality have a census of 1400 undocumented.

“We will make a demand approach to support us with resources, with federal government personnel, seriously the issue of health is a worrying issue, is an issue that the federal government can not ignore this situation, as it can unleash a problemáti Greater AC and can get out of control, “he said.

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