translated from Spanish: Treasury accuses pharmaceutical companies of drug shortages

The shortage of medicines and healing equipment in some parts of the country is due to local problems and that the pharmaceutical companies do not want to sell their products due to the change in the model of government purchases, said the owner of the senior officer of the Secretariat D E Treasury and Public Credit (SHCP), Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez.
The officer insisted that at the federal level, the supply is guaranteed to 100%, despite the «inefficient administration» that, he said, left the administration last in this issue, because he explained that purchases are made one year in advance.
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«All 2019 drugs were contracted at 2018. The previous administration made all purchases of consolidated drugs in 2019, the possible scarcity should be a poor planning, that bad planning can be corrected at any time, but there are different ways to do so, «he explained.
Buenrostro Sánchez said they have identified drugs that were at 40 pesos in consolidated purchases, but that were raised to 2000 or more in cases of urgent purchases.
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#ConferenciaDePrensa | Raquel Buenrostro Sánchez, senior officer of the @SHCP_mx
— Government of Mexico (@GobiernoMX) May 24, 2019

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According to the official Mayor of the Treasury, in the previous administration, 80% of the contracts were awarded without bidding and 80% of the invested money was given to 1.5% of the suppliers, reason why it was decided to change the model of public purchase.
Buenrostro defended the new scheme by ensuring that it also gives «greater legal certainty» to both the public and private sectors, as he said they found «any number of contracts» that did not contain clauses to terminate them.
In presenting the comprehensive strategy of the new public procurement system, the official said that this new government’s consolidated purchasing scheme «is not an occurrence», but corresponds to international practices, with the aim of combating the Corruption.
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«We are not thinking either of being regulators or of being hoarders of purchases. It is a difficult task, it will cost us a lot of work but that will generate a lot of savings, «he explained.
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