translated from Spanish: Alberto Fernandez: «It is the time of all to take the country out of prostration»

Alberto Fernandez and Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner presented the presidential formula in the act of the inauguration of the park Néstor Kirchner, in Merlo, and recalled the fight that began on May 25, 2003, with the beginning of the management that was to end in 2015. Lueg Or the word of the former president, the candidate for the chair of Rivadavia took the floor and started with a message to his fellow campaigner. «The first thing is to thank everyone. You have no idea the joy and emotion I have to be with you and to be with Cristina. Many ask me how was the reunion with Cristina, and everyone knows that there is something political behind, but do not know the joy I have to meet my friend. »
«The greatness he had (Cristina) of asking me to drive, and the truth, that it all starts on May 25th, is splendid for me. It is not a day for anyone, it is the day we learned to be born as a nation, to take the liberty of being us, «Alberto added, to the crowd who accompanied him in Merlo. May 25th for me is another special day because it was the day we arrived with Nestor to start changing the story. The moment we take an oath, Nestor tells me something in my ear. When he hugged me, I said, «We’re here,» and he said, «we just started. Put yourself to work. »

. @alferdez: «Now we’re going to do the same. At 4 million and a half of poor who left MACRI we will reach out and we will bring them inside. Because that’s what we do politics for. » #EsConTodos #EsConTodas — Citizen Unit (@UniCiudadanaAR)
May 25, 2019

«We started to work and we started to remove millions of Argentines from the well of poverty and now we will do the same with the 4 million of poor who left MACRI, and we will give them a hand. Do not hesitate, «he argued firmly and putting pressure on a possible triumph in October. On poverty based his speech and continued: «That the Argentines have to endure that 4 out of 10 are supporting poverty, is something that we can not forgive, nor will we allow. But we will solve it among all, with everyone, as we did with Nestor, so that everyone has the possibility of having a better country. »
On the other hand, one of the most worrying political and economic approaches is the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan. Upon his departure, after Kirchner’s tenure, he said he feels empowered to do so. » I have the advantage over many of you. When I had to argue with the fund, I had a guy who was very clear on what to do. I learned how to do it. With Nestor we enter the same maze that we have to enter this December 10, I know how to get in and how to get out of that maze, working all, side by side, no one left here. »

Alberto, after the act in Merlo. Photo: NA

«I ask you to go to convince the other Argentines, those who believed and defrauded, because the time is coming, is the time to get the country out of the prostration in which they put it,» closed the former chief of staff.

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