translated from Spanish: Cartoonist Antofagastino Damivago launches book «to eradicate the machismo of women and men of Chile»

Language creates reality and that has more than clear the draughtsman Antofagastino Daslav Vladilo, better known as «Damivago», who seeks to positively impact the society with humorous vignettes, which shows the idiosyncrasy of Chileans in their daily days.
The professional has 5 books in his curriculum: «The brainless world of Damivago», «Animal Humor», «anti-social networks», «Animal Backgammon» and its latest production «I am not macho but…», where it seeks visualize and eradicate the gender violence of our Society.

On his latest book, the author stated that «I have had a great evolution with my vignettes, in terms of structure, design and libretto, through animal rights, the emergence of social networks and now portraying machismo, with this I seek to raise awareness Men as women in their macho attitudes, so that they can realize these mistakes, remedy and eradicate them. »
The popularity of Damivago is undeniable, in its fanpage accumulates more than 25000 fans and on Twitter exceeds 5000 followers, where he is constantly interacting with his readers.

«This production has been the most» haters «has produced, because many times people see the things they draw and feel identified, so it is difficult to accept mistakes, however, it is important to use the power of vignettes and social networks to To spread a message that seeks the common good, to achieve a just and safe society for all. Despite that, there is a large group of people who appreciate and share my work, I always have them in mind in the processes of creation, «he added.
The books of the professional have also served to encourage reading in the youngest, «I’m always doing lectures in schools and there I realize that children are interested in my book, first for the caricatures but then realize the Content and that makes them reflect, is very good, because not only a change is made in the consciousness of adults but also in children. On some occasions parents have told me that my books are the first to read their children. »

Throughout his career, the professional has received constant awards for his publications, which highlight the distinction of best humorous comic in the FIC Awards 2017 (International comic Festival of Santiago) and the best comic in the forest Awards 2018.

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