translated from Spanish: Four police officers charged with murder in San Miguel del Monte

The investigation into the tragedy in San Miguel del Monte is still advancing. The Silver Guarantee judge, Marcela Garmendia, charged for “doubly qualified homicide” to four of the seven policemen arrested for the clash on Monday morning where four young people died. The other three officers detained are charged with cover-up. Capt. Rubén Alverto García, the officers Leonardo Daniel Ecilape and Manuel Monreal and the assistant Mariano Ibáñez were charged for “doubly aggravated homicide for abuse of his role as a member of police forces and for the use of firearms”.

In addition, they are charged with “doubly aggravated homicide in the degree of attempted” to the detriment of Rocío, the 13-year-old teenager who was also traveling in the car and who remains in serious condition at the crossroads Hospital of Florencio Varela. The defendants for ” Aggravated cover-up and ideological falsity of public instrument “are the deputy Inspector José Alfredo Domínguez and the officers Cristian Righero and Juan Gutiérrez.

On Monday morning, the Fiat 147 in which Aníbal Suárez, 22, traveled; Gonzalo Domínguez, 14; Danilo Sansone and Camila López, 13; and Rocío Guagliarello of 13, crashed into a truck with trailer parked on Route 3 after being chased by a patrolman who was shot. The only survivor was Rocío, who remained in serious condition in a hospital in the town of Florencio Varela.

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