translated from Spanish: Probeis takes hand to choose

List.-Just a few days ago he wanted to alborotar the gallery to publicize the list of players that make up the Mexican pre-selection for the tournament called Premier 12, team that will be acting in Guadalajara from November 2 to 5 facing the United States, The Netherlands and the Dominican Republic. Ephemeral noise the one that caused by choosing the wrong date for the launch and of entry to create expectations with what seems to us a list of good wishes, on a side, and to omit some details to be clarified. To begin with, in the apparent paternity of the call, a Mexican baseball federation that will serve as a silent witness, with little sailing at the funeral, while the Mexican Baseball League will be expected to wait for the caravan with a hat in case of good Results. Here the precision: it will be calendar times of Mexican Pacific League so it will be the winter teams that yield players to the selection and thus, to be awarded (at least mediaally) much of the «paternity» that is sought by the foolish zeal That still deprives. But beyond that, to recognize that ultimately will be Probeis, with Commissioner Édgar Gonzalez to the front, who takes a hand to convince, choose and decide. The equation is not difficult to solve if we stick to that in the days that run, the federal government observes baseball as part of its assets and responsibilities. You don’t need much to understand the situation. Summoned.-From the list of 60 summoned, the discard will be made naturally. The LMP teams will be yielding to one of the chosen players, knowing that for that reason there will be eight foreigners that each of the 10 clubs will be able to sign for the first round. In the case of the players who act abroad, it will be precisely Probeis who aims at hand and who better know how to take advantage of the rules of this type of events in the field of adjudication of nationalities. For this reason it will be that neither who claims because at any given moment Zach Phillips, Aaron Kurcz, Kyle Lobsteiny Chtis Carter as Mexicans appear, without any need to show birth certificates issued in Coahuila. Your ancestors endorse them, you will say. The Commissioner has the power for that and something else. Protocols.-Another adjacent topic will be the processing of the permissions corresponding to the players under contract Ligamayorista, especially the pitchers, who come to be on paper the greatest strength of the team that is projected. It is the pitching that best looks from the list given to know although you would also know what kind of teams will bring the opponents. Because of getting serious U.S. and Dominican, capable and arriving in Guadalajara with two blunderbusses to cause nightmares to anyone. There is a lot to know about this event although in advance you should expect it to be Rawlings or Franklin in between, the stadium of the charros smells of paradise batter. Demonize.-It is not fair that with the pretext of the decisions taken by the Mexican federal government, the action of supporting the baseball is becoming one of the worst acts of social injustice. Announcing hundreds of millions of pesos aimed at promoting this sport among Mexicans has become a major insult. And is that, it is said, is no longer supporting other social items of higher priority (health, basically) for the sake, it is also said, to satisfy the whim of Lopez Obrador, who said that Makhania and today is a machanian. It is not fair, no, but they are not far from the cruel reality that deprives. Tastes and passions are apachurran to observe that whims of good intentions destroy the social mood: even the Nordics would complain about a health system dismantled and knocked out by a baseball (hopefully not Franklin).

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