translated from Spanish: San Miguel del Monte crime: Seven of eight policemen refused to testify

Following the death of the four young people travelling by car, the inquiries of the four officers charged for «doubly aggravated homicide for abuse of their role as a member of police forces and for the use of firearms» was carried out this Saturday. , and of the other four accused for the crime of «concealment and ideological falsehood.» Among the eight inquiries, seven of them refused to testify, while the only policewoman detained, and who is one of the people who was going on one of the three mobiles who participated in the Chase, testified before the prosecutor, and will expand the same in the next S days.

Rubén García, Leonardo Ecilape, Manuel Monreal and Mariano Ibañez, are the defendants for the crime of homicide, while the other four are José Alfredo Domínguez, Juan Gutiérrez, Cristian Righero and Melina Bianco. Meanwhile, family and friends of the four deceased youths, participated in a march to claim justice in the center of San Miguel del Monte and the driver’s brother spoke about what happened. «He was being shot and he was with minors, I think he thought ‘ I will try to save the boys, ‘ because he was good,» said the 22-year-old boy.

So was the police chase that ended in tragedy in San Miguel del Monte.

Aníbal Suárez’s brother also reported that the police asked for the documents, and that his brother presented everything, but they told them they had to go to the police station because they lacked something. «When we entered we were asked the value of the car, my brother had paid 20000 pesos and took us to the Commissioner’s Office. There he told us if you want the car, bring me 5000 pesos or if I do not give you a fine of 35000, «he said. The Fiat 147 in which Aníbal Suárez, 22, traveled; Gonzalo Domínguez, 14; Danilo Sansone and Camila López, 13; and Rocío, 13, only survivor, was circulating on Route 3 after being chased by a patrolman, and hit a trailer that broke into the car in two.

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