translated from Spanish: Bad news for Piñera: Presidential approval continues to fall and reaches only 33% according to Cadem

More and less. President Sebastián Piñera’s approval of management dropped again this week and reached 33 percent in the Cadem survey. The result is a percentage point below the previous probe.
According to the third, Piñera reached the lowest figure in his second term, in a week marked by the controversial trip of his children to the tour of Asia that the President made.
For its part, disapproval also recorded a fall, from 54% to 52% in the new consultation.
As explained by the public affairs manager of Cadem, Roberto Izikson, the reasons for the Baja are due both to structural factors and cycles, but also to particular situations. «The government’s challenge is that the approval will begin to improve and hopefully surpass the levels of disapproval in the months prior to the municipal,» said the expert.
It is worth mentioning that the survey also considered views on emblematic government projects, such as ‘ fair admission ‘, which also loses support. According to the survey, those who agree that schools can select their students for academic performance dropped four points, from 53% to 49%.

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