translated from Spanish: Business leaders in Chile would be the least empathetic in South America

The company DNA Human Capital carried out an international study focused on the relational field in the business sector of several countries in South America, whose results were shared during this week. For the study, workers from the subcontinent were asked to evaluate different aspects of their employers, which revealed some deferences between business cultures among neighbouring countries. Within the results it was estimated that 65% of respondents in domestic companies agreed that the biggest failure of their leaders is the lack of empathy. Something that contrasted deeply with the situation in Colombia and Peru, since this was the least recognized aspect of their employers, with 22% and 18% respectively. Another relevant fact is that 58% noted that the biggest problem is the lack of communication, something that relates to 42% of those consulted who claimed to demand more feedback from their bosses. Again these aspects contrast with the rest of the countries investigated as Colombia, Peru and Brazil. According to Emol by the managing Director DNA Human Capital, Murio Arruda «This has to do with the type of profile of the Chilean, which is characterized by being focused on the results and on making, creating and executing processes with ease, allowing you to have org Structured and ordered Anizaciones. However, with this approach, it neglects the softest issues such as establishing relationships that allow them to empathize and where the feedback process is a natural thing. » With regard to the most positive, i.e. the qualities that were least pointed out by Chileans as existing in their bosses, they were not able to delegate and the lack of execution, with 26% and 32% respectively. Now, again this implies with a diametric contrast with the other countries, according to Arruda «The results of Chile, contrast with the other countries of Latam where we see practically the opposite. The executive is very communicative, very empathetic, very focused on people and fails in exactly the opposite, define the strategy, organization, execution, it is difficult to define the focus, but excel in communication. » Another data from the study suggests that 44% of respondents believe that there is a lack of strategic definition, while 39% identified a lack of focus on leaders.

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