translated from Spanish: Cardinal Poli in the Te Deum asked to go to «a great national pact»

President Mauricio Macri along with his officials moved from the Casa Rosada to Metropilitana Cathedral in Buenos Aires where they were greeted by Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and the Archbishop Porteño. Macri wore the presidential band and the baton to lead the event by May 25, in the midst of a strong security operation where the transport and circulation area of Plaza de Mayo were affected. 

Mauricio Macri and Juliana Awada

The subway lines A, D and E closed the headwater stations close to the cathedral of Buenos Aires until the celebration of the Te Deum was completed. The streets Peru, Adolfo Alsina, Mitre and Paseo Colón were closed to traffic since midnight and the circulation will be regularized after 13. The Ecobike station n ° 32, opposite the cathedral will not work until 15. Cardinal Mario Aurelio Poli spoke to the national officials who were part of the Te Deum by the 25th of May. In the face of elections, he referred to strong political campaigns and called for «a great national pact.» In his homily in the Te Deum for the country’s date, he emphasized the election year and the open opportunity for Argentines: «Each election is an opportunity to return to the sources and points of reference that incite justice and law , and we are convinced that good policy is at the service of peace, which respects and promotes fundamental human rights, which are reciprocal duties. » In reference to the elections that are approaching in the coming months, Poli asked «to go to a great national pact leaving aside the sectoral interests». On the power that voters give to politicians, he considered: «True power is the service to others and it only makes sense if it is in the service of the common good.» In addition, he referred to the heroes of Argentine history and said that with what they did «inspire us and help us to become aware.»

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