translated from Spanish: Crossed result: First individual majority of Fernandez Le embittered triumph with List of Elizalde in internal PS

Without official computations in hand and before budgeted, The president of the PS, Álvaro Elizalde, had to go out to declare the triumph of its list in the internal elections that this Sunday carried out socialism and in which the senator by Maule aspired to the re-election for another two years to the head of the party. The wave of transcended since the tables were closed, which pointed to that their opponent Maya Fernandez was imposing on the first national majority, forced the helmsman to have to mark the point at the communication level and thus declare as the winner of The contest.
With parallel computations in both disputed lists pointing to 80% of the polled tables, Elizalde stood in front of the cameras flanked by Senator Isabel Allende and Karina Delfino: “We have won the election with a wide difference, according to that Projection we are winning in all regions of Chile (…) We believe that the difference is going to expand in the next few hours, which far exceeds the majority we expected to obtain, “he declared. Considering the new format used in this election and which considered the individual vote of men on the one hand and women on the other, Congresswoman Fernandez would have obtained the first majority, winning in communes like Punta Arenas, Puerto Montt, Concepción, Iquique, Ovalle, Ñuñoa, Providencia and even in Talca, which corresponds to the district of Elizalde.
“Maya Fernandez defeated Alvaro Elizalde in this election and what we ask is that there is no arrogance,” said Deputy PS, Marcelo Diaz, who already anticipated that the Central committee should listen to the will of the socialist bases.
More cautious, former President Salvador Allende’s granddaughter noted that “we have to wait, even out of respect for regions, to different areas, I think we have to wait for the final result.” In this way, and as it went forward during the week, this result would have left Fernandez in a position classified as the “more than uncomfortable” for the current helmsman and for the claims of future governability of the current officialism of the PS.
The PS election process is indirect. The militants elected today representatives of the Central Committee and will be this, according to the correlation of forces of the lists in competition and the agreements to which they arrive, which defines who will be the new driver of the socialism the next two years. The individual majority makes a trend, although the list that chooses more members is the one that will dominate the central.

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