translated from Spanish: Video: Battle Campal at Recital de La Mona Jiménez

This weekend was a disturbing filming that took place during a concert of the Mona Jiménez in the town of El Brete, Córdoba, where a battle was unleashed between some groups of spectators. The show, framed on the 150th anniversary of the town, took place on Friday the 24th and was scheduled to finish around 2:30 in the early hours of Saturday 25th. However, the artist decided to finish it before because of the violence that lived down the stage. At the beginning of the video you can see how some security personnel try to contain an avalanche generated in a public sector when they suddenly start to blow up chairs. A large circle is set up while the authorities seek to separate the conflicting groups but pineapples and blunt objects continue to happen.

«Boys I appreciate all that love, that affection. Thank you all, it’s been an unforgettable night. You can all go to the p… That those who are gediendo, except you, the people who behave well. It’s over, «You hear the singer say, before he suspends his recital. For the intendant of El Brete, Mauricio Jachula, it was not about people from his jurisdiction: «People come from all over for these festivals, more with these grid of artists we had. This is a town, people don’t do these things. The important thing is that it did not happen to majors, «he said in dialogue with TN. On those responsible, noted that «always starts with a group with alcohol» and that there are already four detainees. He also denied that there were only 50 policemen to protect the 8,000 present at the event. So far, the Mona Jiménez did not re-issue opinion on what happened.

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