translated from Spanish: Child dies after being hit by a bullet, they accuse military

Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.-A girl was hit by a bullet when she was traveling with her family aboard a car. The fact occurred to the west of the city of Nuevo Laredo when allegedly elements of the Mexican army and armed subjects were starring in a shootout. The five-year-old girl was unfortunately hit by a bullet, allegedly triggered by the military, the bullet entered her back. After the impact received the girl was transferred to the Mexican-American Hospital, where they did everything possible to save her but unfortunately the little innocent died in the hospital.
The family was traveling in a Honda Accord car model 1994, without plaques, the parent drove the vehicle, was also boarded by the mother, and another 10-year-old daughter Dedad, all domiciled in the new Progreso colony.
At the time of the fatal fact the family was on their way to their home, it was at the height of the two bridges when the vehicle Mark Honda was white of the bullets, allegedly fired by elements of the Seder, that circulated on the airport road in several units Officers, after a chase.

“There’s no point in doing anything, it hurts, but nothing can be done,” said the father of the family. 

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