translated from Spanish: Congress of future signs agreement with communes of Chile

Senators Guido Girardi and Francisco Chahuán, president and member of the challenges of the future Commission, signed n A working agreement with the Chilean Association of Municipalities (AChM), represented by its Executive Secretary, Jaime Belmar, to carry out «future Congress in your commune», throughout the country.
In the opportunity were also present the mayor of Peñalolén, Carolina Leitao, the mayors of Vallenar, Cristián Tapia and of Pudahuel, Johnny Carrasco; The municipal administrator of Pedro Aguirre Cerda, Analía Carvajal; And the councillor of Santiago Leonel Herrera, communes where the activities of future Congress will be developed communes 2019.
Democratizing the Future
Senator Girardi noted that «These are one of the most important tasks that the Commission and the Senate future Congress can develop that is to build a joint work agreement with the Chilean Association of Municipalities (AChM) to democratize science, and To enable our society to live in the 21ST century complex. »
He added that «The age of technology, data and platforms implies immense opportunities and greater challenges. Last year we made a pilot with six communes and in three months participated 15000 young people in scientific and philosophy activities. »
Girardi emphasized that «we now prepare a permanent work agreement to have future chairs in all the communities of Chile. The idea is to mobilize all our science awards and relevant scientists and intellectuals throughout the country, and altruistically share their knowledge with the community and discuss the issues of the future that are impacting us Everyday in all areas. »
For the Senator PPD «This work is very important to make it with the institutions that have the most relevant role in the social, cultural and political transformation as are the municipalities. We will progressively democratize science and the future in all the communes of Chile to build and change the history of this country from its own capacities. »
He warned that «if we do not develop these natural skills, if we do not invest in science and develop our own technologies, if we do not form our own technicians, professionals, doctors and doctoral students, we will not take advantage of the opportunities that each one of The territories where our communes are inserted has «.
«Above all we want to form respectful, peaceful, creative, and innovative human beings that can adapt to the world that comes. Robotics will impact employment and that faces Habilitándonos and replace the model of education that is 200 years old by one that stimulates curiosity, imagination, love for knowledge and passion for understanding the future, «he concluded.
Digital divide
For his part, Senator Francisco Chahuán thanked «the AChM, the Academy of Sciences, the regional universities, the research institutes for the contribution in this effort that is doing to decentralize access and generate early awakening by Interest in science, technology and innovation. »
He added that «this also allows us to confront the digital divide because we are convinced that the differences in the future will be given in the accesses. Chile is going to be one of the pioneers in 5G technology and there are still dark areas that do not have access to broadband, some in the rural areas of the metropolitan region itself. »
Chahuán said that «we want to promote sustainable, sustainable development where each of the Chileans has equal conditions to access the world of development. That implies a collective project of nation with a look at medium and long term and that is the interest of this Commission, because we want to end with the digital gaps and access to knowledge »
Transcendental Alliance
Jaime Belmar, the Executive Secretary of the AChM, representing the mayor of Puente Alto, Germán Codina, president of the association, said that «this alliance is transcendental and priority because we have more than five thousand schools and a 1,350,000 students in charge Our and with them we must deepen the approach to science, innovation and technology. »
«And not only with our students but with the whole community and our institutions that constantly assume new responsibilities and therefore technology and innovation must be a substantive pillar of our work. This agreement is part of four municipalities in Santiago and seven in regions, so we hope that in the medium term future Congress is in all the communes of the country, «Belmar concluded.
The mayor of Peñalolén Carolina Leitao celebrated «This initiative that will unite the municipalities in a transcendental theme as is the future looked from the present, because children and youth will be the leaders of the future and therefore must strengthen their learning through of experimentation. Part of our activities, which will be in October, we want to develop them in the Parque Quebrada Macul, which we want to declare municipal nature reserve. We are very motivated because we believe that this is a vital space for municipalities to incorporate our communities into the future. Thank you very much for the invitation to be part of this project. »
The mayor of Vallenar, Cristián Tapia stressed that «we are seven regions of areas that we can access these issues of science, technology and innovation and hopefully in a short time this trilogy is a reality in our north so that copper is no longer sold without being Treaty and we can start manufacturing our products. This is a tremendous initiative and a great opportunity that we sincerely appreciate. »
Alderman Leonel Herrera, representing mayor Felipe Alessandri, said that «as a capital city we have the emblematic schools and it is very important to bring them to these initiatives and away from negative externalities. And it’s also very useful for us elders to be up to date with what’s going on. »
Analía Carvajal, municipal Administrator of PAC, apologized to Mayor Juan Rosas, and said that «We begin this Congress next week and give this opportunity to our young people-who have high vulnerability-it is very important that they can access this Look for the future, because the plasticity of them is what will allow us to give a different approach to tackle the problems of our commune. »

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