translated from Spanish: Cornejo and a message to the PRO: «Don’t be abused»

The president of the Radical Civic Union, Alfredo Cornejo, gave a speech at the Radical convention in North Park. The Mendocino began with a claim to Raúl Alfonsín, who 34 years ago also made «a founding discourse for Argentina». 
«I ask the conventional to support our proposal. It is the best tool for a game and a better country »

Although he was the PRO, Cornejo ratified the membership of the party that leads to change, which he also shares with the Civic coalition. The Argentines were talked to with a lot of marketing and publicity and with little politics. We must speak to the Argentines as adults, «said Cornejo, in a clear message to Marcos Peña. 
Although he recalled that the UCR helped to the victory of change in 2015 in the Ballotage, said that «the management did not manage to lower the poverty and did not have good economic results».
«We must make criticism and also self-criticism. It is our task to build the proposals and agreements to achieve these objectives »

Cornejo emphasized a critique that Elisa Carrió also made about the provincial politics of the Casa Rosada. In turn, he failed the decision to «fatten the pockets of the Peronist governors» that complicated the candidates to change. The governor of Mendoza is one of those who promotes the popularly known ‘ Plan V ‘ for the candidate for president to be María Eugenia Vidal. In this regard, although without naming names, he considered that it is necessary to «build a broader front to solve Argentina’s challenges». Finally, Cornejo advocated that «the electoral strategy is not decided by the President locked in a room,» so he asked for more radicalism and more coalition.

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