translated from Spanish: Fire at IMSS in Sinaloa leaves no injuries

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-The Mexican Social Security Institute delegation in Sinaloa reports that there were no people injured by the fire, on Sunday night, in the file area located in the basement of the General Hospital of Zona No. 3 in Mazatlan, which generated smoke D Enso that affected different areas of the hospital. The Civil Protection Protocol was activated in a timely manner and 201 patients were evacuated, 63 from them to public and private hospitals. Relatives of patients evacuated the building, as well as 60 nurses and 15 physicians. Once ventilated the different areas of the hospital and guaranteed its sanitation, it proceeded during the same night to the return of the evacuated patients. The fire was controlled in a timely manner with the support of firemen and municipal and state Civil protection personnel, without risk of propagation to other areas of the hospital, but the dense smoke that was spread by the hospital determined the evacuation.

Firefighters were able to control the fire in Mazatlan’s insurance.

Photo: Alfredo Juárez

The IMSS delegation in Sinaloa thanks the support of ambulances from different public and private hospitals in Mazatlan for the transfer of patients, as well as the timely intervention of the fire brigade and Civil protection. 14 patients were evacuated to the ISSSTE, 5 to the General Hospital of the Ministry of Health, 4 to the clinic of the Sea, 32 to the Naval Hospital, 1 to the Municipal Hospital, 5 to the Sharp Hospital and 2 to the Hospital Maza de Juárez.  The rest of the non-severe patients remained momentarily outside and received the necessary medical care, who began readmission to the hospital when the cleaning conditions were assured.

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