translated from Spanish: A congresswoman again raised a popular consultation to define abortion

In the framework of the presentation of the project of termination of the pregnancy in the Congress, the deputy of the Left front Romina of the Plá posed a popular consultation so that it is the citizens who decide. 

The reason why the request was made by the legislator was because it considered that «Congress is a dead road blocked by the Catholic Church».
«This new presentation must again find in the streets the power of women’s rights mobilization. It is the way to overcome the blockades of the clerical lobby that dominates the Congress and the majority blocks, that yield to that pressure under electoral interests »

The precandidate for president of the Trotskyism criticized that the churches «are advancing the hand of MACRI and the governors and women suffered with more clandestine abortion» and therefore explained that it is necessary to make a popular consultation. In that line was expressed for example Roberto Lavagna to be consulted on the subject, although it was expressed personally against. 

Always @RominaDelPla talking about that we have no time to wait, or for intermediate stays, because they are still adding dead, and finish «We have no time for the political blocs to continue to KNEEL IN FRONT of THE CHURCH.» Applause in the annex for her. — Maria Florencia Freijo (@Florfreijo)
May 28, 2019

Del Plá was in the presentation together with other members of different parties that last year achieved the average penalty: Victoria Donda, Mayra Mendoza, Mónica Macha, Cecilia Moreau, among others.

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