translated from Spanish: A knife attack on schoolgirls leaves two dead and 16 wounded in Japan

Tokyo.-A man attacked a group of schoolgirls in Kawasaki today, south of Tokyo, when they were at a school bus stop, and caused the death of at least one minor and one adult, and sixteen injured, before dying for wounds inflicted on themselves Same. The attacker, an individual of 51 years, lashed against schoolgirls using white weapons when they were about to board a school bus that was going to transfer them to their educational center, a private Catholic institution, according to the local police. For the moment, the reasons for the attack perpetrated near the bus stop in Noborito Park, in Kawasaki, locality of the Tokyo outskirts, are unknown. The event took place at 07.45 local time (22.45 GMT on Monday), in full rush hour in which students of All of Japan went to their schools, and has shocked a country known for its high level of security and where it is common for young children to move alone to school. A total of eighteen people suffered wounds of different consideration in the attack, most schoolgirls between 6 and 7 years of the center of primary education Caritas of Kawasaki.De among the victims have died for now girl of 12 years and a man of 39 years , according to the latest data provided by the local authorities. Five other wounds are in serious condition, said NHK state network.

After stabbing his victims, the assailant inflicted neck injuries, according to eyewitness accounts, and was found unconscious near the scene, where police also found four knives allegedly employed in the attack.
The alleged perpetrator of the aggression is a resident of Kawasaki whose identity has not been revealed, and who later died in a local hospital where he had been transferred to receive medical treatment in police custody.
The attacker burst into the park while wielding kitchen knives to the cry of «I will kill you,» according to a witness quoted by local agency Kyodo, who also saw children fleeing terrified.

The driver who was going to transfer the girls to class reported that he got out of the vehicle to see «pools of blood» next to the stop and a man lying on the ground.
The Caritas Education Center, linked to the Sisters of Charity of Quebec (Canada), cancelled all classes planned for today as well as other nearby schools, and has convened for the next few hours a meeting with the parents of the students.
The incident occurred on the same day that US President Donald Trump concluded his four-day official visit to the country, during which he met with Emperor Naruhito and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.
The president of the White House expressed his condolences to those affected by the event, and the support of «all Americans to the victims and their families», during a speech on their visit to the naval base in Yokosuka (south of Tokyo), hours before leaving Japan.
Abe, for his part, showed his «strong anger» for an event that he described as «very painful,» and indicated that he has ordered the ministries and competent authorities «to take the necessary measures to ensure the safety» of students across the country, in declarations To the national media.
Although Japan has crime rates and homicides of the lowest in the world, the tragedy that occurred today recalls other indiscriminate attacks and without apparent motives that left multiple victims in recent years.
In 2001, a man entered with a knife in a school in Osaka (west) and killed eight students and injured fifteen other people, and in 2008, an individual ran over and stabbed pedestrians in the popular Tokiota district of Akihabara, causing seven dead and a dozen wounded.
In 2016, there was one of the deadliest incidents in the country’s recent history, when an outfaller from a disabled center in southwest Tokyo entered the facility at night and stabbed 19 of the inmates and injured another twenty , in order to «save» the victims, he said after being detained

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