translated from Spanish: Abuse and abandonment of animals will be punished with even jail

Mistreating or abandoning an animal will be punished with six months to four years in prison, in addition to an economic fine, according to the Animal Welfare Act approved this Tuesday in the Congress of Guerrero.
The approved changes incorporate into the state Penal code new rules to protect the integrity and welfare of animals, with the criminalization of abuse and neglect.

???? the LXII Legislature approved an opinion which aims to incorporate into the state Penal code, the necessary normative measures to protect the integrity and welfare of the animals, by means of the classification of the Offences of abuse and abandonment .
— Guerrero Congress (@congresogro) May 28, 2019

These rules apply to both pets and animals that are subject to economic, recreational and food activities.
“Any animal that traditionally serves as a company or conlives with the human being, or is the subject of its economic, recreational and food activities, has the right to live in dignity and in a respectful manner, in the conditions of life and freedom inherent in its species”, It points to the law.
The initiative, presented by the Deputy of Citizen movement, Arturo Lopez Sugía, punishes acts of cruelty such as blows, mutilations, brutality, denial of medical care, food, shelter or acts of bestiality.
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Citizens will be able to denounce these acts before the Ministry of Health, the Procurator of Ecological Protection of the state of Guerrero (PROPEG) or the city Council, as appropriate.
The penalties are:
-Fines of 40 to 240 days of general minimum wage in force in the State for violations of the law
-The economic penalty shall be 60 to 360 days of minimum wage if the conduct refers to injuries, torture, maltreatment, mutilation that cause or may result in the death of the animal.
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-Administrative arrest for up to 36 hours, the administrative arrest does not exempt the offender from the payment of the respective economic sanction; V. Precautionary insurance of animals.
-Revocation of permits, authorisations and licenses, granted by the authority.
-Temporary or definitive closing, partial or total, of the facilities and sites where the activities violation to this law are developed.
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