translated from Spanish: Morelia firefighters receive first-class equipment to improve their working conditions

Morelia, Michoacán.-In order to improve increasingly the working conditions of municipal personnel that provides attention to the emergencies of the citizens, the Secretary of the city Council of Morelia, Humberto Arróniz Reyes made delivery of first level equipment to the Coordination of Civil protection and firefighters of Morelia by its owner, Rogelio Rangel Reguera, which is from a donation that received the current administration for efforts made.
This work was implemented from the first moment that the municipal president, Raúl Morón Orozco knew the conditions with which the firefighters worked and the abandonment of certain areas that they had by previous municipal administrations and that are vital to Guarantee them the safety in their work place when doing their work.
In this sense, the person in charge of the internal policy of the municipality, Humberto Arróniz, said that the city Council is responsible for attending the contingencies that are present in the municipality and at the same time to safeguard the life of the municipal personnel that provides this work, In this sense announced the investment authorized by the mayor of Morelia, Raúl Morón and the acquisition of more than 20 firefighters ‘ structural teams to renew such as trousers, boots, capes (fire fighting equipment) of just over a million pesos.
Arróniz Reyes recalled the municipal government’s commitment to the municipal firefighters and in this year set up two more stations to pay attention to the emergencies of the citizens, one in exit Charo and the other in the ascent to Santa María de Guido, and in this way generate the working conditions for the firefighters of Morelia to take care of their life in the fulfillment of their duty.
The donation received on Tuesday 28 May by a local gas company consisted of: provision of 20 hoses; 22 4500-lb capacity breathing tanks with breathing masks and integrated communication equipment, as well as a fallen firefighter alert system;  6 dispersive Backpacks (equipment for forest fires or smoke-filled environments), which had been acquired would mean an investment of one million pesos.
After the delivery of this equipment, a tour of installations was carried out in which the proper maintenance of the cascade equipment was verified, which allows to fill the oxygen tanks of each firefighter before the attention of a fire. This system was 4 years without functioning optimally forcing the municipal staff to go to other municipalities for the recommended filling of breathing equipment.
Likewise, the training room of the coordination of Civil protection and firefighters of Morelia was visited, which is made for the first time for the managers of the order and that these in turn disseminate and organize the population in the matter of prevention of floods , in this second stage of instruction, 50 auxiliary authorities are contemplated. While the daily preparation of the coordination takes a range of 6000 people trained in the field.

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