translated from Spanish: Unfounded myths about LGBT adoption

Let us start from the premise that, as John Borneman said, we all have the right to care and be cared for. All people, independent of their sexual orientation, we open our way to meet this need. Even in contexts that are adverse to them, homosexual people have been mothers and fathers. Homo families exist in Chile and have been created through different paths: adoption, assisted reproduction techniques, heterosexual relations, informal parenting agreements and co-parenthood.
The problem is that many of the relationships created by these families, solid and stable relationships, are not recognized by our legislation. The legal link between the child and one of his or her parents is not recognized. This girl or child is also not recognized as a link with a whole branch of her family (grandmothers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, primes). This is clearly a violation of the right to be careful. Lack of legal recognition, at the same time, makes social recognition difficult and leaves children unprotected.
The arguments that are often heard to exclude people who identify as homosexuals from parenting are:
1) that two people of the same sex have children is unnatural: what is natural?, should we really be guided by what we believe are the opinions of nature? The ‘ natural ‘ argument tends to disguise essentialist and fundamentalist arguments, which have no relation to how we build our family ties.
2) Children need a father and mother: what paternal and maternal roles do they refer to? Same-sex couples can fulfil all the functions attributed to parenting (socialization, care, identity, protection, affection, etc.).
3) Children growing up in Homo families will be discriminated against and suffer: international research carried out by multidisciplinary teams over time and with different methodologies indicate that children raised in families Homo are fine. They have positive family relationships, high levels of psychological well-being and good relationships with peers.
4) Homosexual persons are depraved: this is simply false.
5) The children of same-sex couples will grow up to be homosexual: the evidence indicates that the sexual orientation of the mothers or fathers does not influence that of their daughters or children. And if so, how important is it? In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association rules out the homosexuality of the Diagnostic and statistical Manual of mental disorders And, in 1990, the World Health Organization also removes it from its list of mental illnesses.
I have spent many years investigating the parental experiences of gay parents and lesbian mothers. I am convinced that sexual orientation does not affect the ability to nurture and nurture. Approval of the LGBT adoption is a step towards recognizing the right to care and care. We owe our children that all their family relationships are recognized and protected.
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