translated from Spanish: Work goes on stage to 16 migrants to talk about uncertainty, transition and hope

The CoArtRe Corporation, through its program “Theatre, community and migration”, every year carries out workshops on Testimonial Theatre focused on the whole community. This first semester, actor David Prado, led 16 migrants of different ages and nationalities. During the process they created the work “Mu/Danza, a sequence of an unpublished journey”, a collective inspiration that makes a tour of the stories and memories of the participants. The story is chained in the feelings that migrants have in common: uncertainty, transition and hope.

Collectively memory
Through a labyrinth, where the characters are meddle, is the context that gives rise to find different places and new stories within him, in a maze that makes them lose, but also find. The characters must find the signs to get out of the maze. The public will be able to appreciate how these elements are incorporated, to perceive the personal histories that are represented, they intersect and they collectively remember.
The work “Mu/Danza, sequence of an unpublished Voyage”, directed by David Prado will be presented free of charge at the Community Center Carol Urzúa (June 3), in the Municipal Theatre of Lame (7 of June), in the Cultural center San Joaquin (8 of June) and in the Municipal Theatre of the PINTAA (June 16). Entry released. This creation is financed by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and heritage.

Free Features:
Carol Urzúa Community Center
Monday, June 3, 19.30 H.
Lame Municipal Theatre
Friday, June 7, 16.00 H.
San Joaquin Cultural Center
Saturday, June 8th, 20.00 h.
Teatro Municipal de la Pintada
Sunday, June 16, 18.00 H.
Director: David Prado
Assistant Director: Loreto Vial
Cast: Jósbel Lobos, Aida Morales, Lucien Fleury, Susana Rivas, Helena Swidarowicz, Andrés Armas, Andrea Armas, Hernán Garrido, Rodrigo Grajales, Elisabeth Brulas, Osmani Sabalza, Claudia Fuentes, Arianny Luna, Brailing Salom, John Brayn Hormaza, Yorma Calderón , Keren Atencio

Original source in Spanish

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