translated from Spanish: Boric and Jackson ask Piñera to put an emergency on a parliamentary diet

With a view to the presidential public account to be held this Saturday, the members of the Broad Front, Gabriel Boric and Giorgio Jackson, asked President Sebastián Piñera to place urgency on the project that seeks to lower the parliamentary diet. The initiative has been in Congress for five years, without going beyond the first constitutional process. This, for the deputy (DR) Giorgio Jackson has to do with that «there is no political will. The president said he would agree last year with the lowering of the salaries of high authorities, including parliamentarians. That is why we ask that the government give it urgency, so that it comes with the patronage of the government. » With regard to whether the support is in the chamber, since it takes 3/5 of the votes to be approved, Jackson argues that «this initiative, when we presented it five years ago, had a rather minority support, was rather mocked. But little by little it was growing that support. We started with 10 signatures, then 76 people voted at least to vote. Because there may be people against it, but what is unacceptable, I think, is that no one dares to vote for it. If anyone believes that it is just the salaries we earn as parliamentarians, and that they should not be diminished, to say so, to argue, and that the citizenry does not know, «he assured the 24-hour» Mano a Mano «program. Finally, the MP for Santiago stressed that «many people tell us that we knew he would not approve, but we say no.» Things are not known if they are to be approved or rejected until the moment they are voted on. And that’s what we want it done. We have insisted in many ways, and now we hope that with the president’s urgency, we can legislate. » It should be recalled that the legal initiative seeks, in particular, to reduce the parliamentary diet-which today is equivalent to that of the Ministers of State and amounts to 9.4 million gross pesos-to maximum 20 minimum salaries.

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