translated from Spanish: Brands do mea culpa for Cyberday 2019 and decide to extend benefits

At 00.00 hours on Monday 26 May began a new VA edition of the CyberDay, the biggest event of digital sales in Chile and year after year since its creation captures the attention of thousands of buyers in our country. There appeared the problem: more than a dozen of the sites of the participating brands «fell» and did not offer a user experience at the height of the circumstances, not allowing users to buy the promotions promised by the companies. Final feeling: a bad CyberDay.
In front of this and after running to fix the situation about noon on Monday 27 May-which is triggered because the company supplying all these companies, Vtex, suffered a critical interruption of their service-the brands affected, unlike other years , have decided to take a step forward and take charge of the problem.
In this sense, the great determinations were two: the first, to extend the promotions and benefits devised for the date until Sunday June 2. The second, to implement new technical measures to ensure a stable navigation and purchase-without new failures-in this 2019 and years to come.
These actions are shared by Colloky, Opaline and Guess in Chile, three of the brands affected by this «perfect storm» that lived after the fall of the sales platform. Marcos Astudillo, Colloky’s digital Marketing manager, explains: «It’s not nice what happened. That’s why we ask our clients for public apologies. We work for months to have an attractive proposal and put in scene satisfactory for our clients, that we could not complete by a fall that transcends to our reach. «.
«From the moment of the fall, when we realized its dimensions, we decided to take a step forward and look for the best for the users. They’re not to blame for this. Therefore, we take measures at a technical level and reinforce the servers where the Web sites are hosted «Details Paula Pérez, from Opaline.
«We already have all the sites 100% functional, with all the promotions working properly. To this end, the call we make to people is that they can visit our sites directly, where they will be able to access all the benefits, discounts and offers that had been originally prepared for this 26th, 27th and 28th of May 2019, «Details Francisca Roldán de Guess.
The main brands adhered to the CyberDay 2019, organized by the CCS (Chamber of Commerce of Santiago), that lived this situation of fall and that decided to take measures for the benefit of its clients, are: Colloky, Opaline, Samsonite, Saxoline, Secret, Extrem and Guess.

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