translated from Spanish: In the face of the historic negative, CPLT orders the Navy to deliver ship and submarine logs that operated in September 1973

The Council for transparency continues in his fight for that The Navy delivers information on the Naval High Command’s voyages. One of the military’s justifications–and that led the CPLT to the Supreme Court–is that it is information that affects the security of the nation.
In view of the repeated refusal of the armed entity, the supervisory body, chaired by Jorge Jaraquemada, ordered, according to the faculties established by the transparency law, to give copies of the logs of ships and submarines that operated in September 1973. The information requested must be delivered within 15 calendar days starting on Tuesday, May 28th. In the CPLT’s view, the alleged reserve grounds were not credited, including the security of the nation and the national interest, and the majority of the units whose information was required were discharged more than 30 years ago and the body Claimed made delivery of documents such as those requested prior to some of the units referred to in this application, but corresponding to other years.
The request for information on the logs of 11 ships and submarines, including the Emerald, was refused – as established in the discharges of the Navy in the decision of the amparo of the CPLT-since the agency considers that its “publicity, communication or Knowledge affects the security of the nation, the national interest and the due fulfillment of the functions of the institution. ”
The request of the CPLT, in its view, would allow to deduce the operational capacities of the national squadron, as well as resources with which it has counted, counts and destines the institution for its movement, so that “it decreases the capacities of the national defense, being Vulnerable, either in peacetime and even more, in the face of any risk that a crisis may entail. ”
In contrast, the Transparency Council established the public character of the antecedents since the total number of units, only one, the Emerald School ship, continue to operate and its main function is to serve as an instructional cruiser. Of the remaining group, the majority were discharged according to the information of the Naval entity’s website.

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