translated from Spanish: Intervalues Case: Today we review precautionary Gabriel Urenda

Annoyance there are among those affected by inter-values, the broker and investment manager of Gabriel Urenda, who left dozens of clients without returning their funds, then revealing a scheme of fraud and misappropriation by one of the children of the Deceased businessman Beltrán Urenda.
The annoyance is that today we will review the precautionary measures against him, which keep him deprived of freedom with the general manager of the firm, Sebastián González.
Sources close to the complainants assured that Urenda’s cooperation and the intention of economic reparation has been virtually nil, and they expect the precautionary to remain. They also added that there were preliminary discussions of lawyers on side and side, to achieve some negotiation, but that all pointed to the condition that Urenda was released, something that does not convince the affected.
Incidentally, doubts remain about how much assistance from his family receives Gabriel Urenda, since the clan has denied any link with the founder of Intervalues and that this, in turn, has denied capital to return some of the money failed. That, although it finances an integrated defense, among others, by the Penalist Cedric Bragado.

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