translated from Spanish: Political campaigns close on Wednesday in six states

MEXICO City.-This Wednesday conclude the political campaigns in the states of Aguascalientes, Baja California, Durango, Quintana Roo, Tamaulipas and Puebla and, starting tomorrow, begins the three-day period in which the electoral propaganda is suspended so that the Citizens can reflect on the meaning of their vote in the elections on Sunday 2 June, reported the National Electoral Institute (INE). From the first minute of May 30 and until the closing of squares, next Sunday, all acts of campaign are suspended, propaganda or proselytism by any means is prohibited, the publication of results of surveys and polls on preferences Electoral Dissemination of reports of work and any type of government propaganda in all six states. The electoral authority convenes political parties, candidatures, governments of all levels, public servants, media, social organizations and citizenship in general to respect the restrictions contemplated in the law for the development of The elections next June 2nd, where 148 charges will be renewed. The results of sampling surveys, opinion polls, exit surveys or quick counts on local elections may be released until the official closing of the boxes of the corresponding entity.

Votes will be held in six states next June 2. | Courtesy

The INE invites the 13.5 million of citizens registered in the Nominal list in those entities to participate and decide in freedom the meaning of their vote.

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