translated from Spanish: Prosecution goes against Lozoya for alleged triangulation of resources

The attorney General’s office (FGR) seeks the exdirector of Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) Emilio Lozoya Austin, after detecting with the support of other authorities a possible triangulation of resources through bank accounts, open with alleged prestanombres In Mexico and abroad, and that they would have as an object to hide gains obtained illicitly.
Arrest in Spain to the owner of blast furnaces and turn order of apprehension against Lozoya
Federal authorities indicated to Political Animal That these are facts that could give way to a trial against the exfunctionary, by various illicit, ranging from operations with remedies of illicit origin, to crimes linked to acts of corruption as bribery and illicit enrichment.
The FGR already presented initial evidence before a judge of the North prison, which allowed him to obtain a warrant of capture against Lozoya. Would allow him to present it before a court and ask the control judge A period of complementary research. After this period, the indictment of the crimes to open trial against Lozoya and others involved would be formulated.
The investigation is not completed. The Public Ministry has initial data that allow it to presume the participation of Lozoya in criminal acts, whose origin dates back to 2014, when under his management in Pemex was acquired the silver of Agro-nitrogen fertilizers for a cost of 275 million dollars, paid to the company blast furnaces of Mexico.
Lozoya presents demand for amparo against order of capture
The current federal government filed a criminal complaint warning that the plant was in poor condition, and was acquired with Overpricing. On 28 May, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador confirmed in his press conference that the fact was criminally denounced by his administration.
From this complaint, and in collaboration with other authorities including the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Finance secretariat, the FGR asked and detected bank accounts in Mexico and abroad, on behalf of individuals and entities (companies) that would have Served as possible prestanombres of Lozoya to hide profits not tender.
The prosecutor’s office keeps the details and test data of the research folder under Reserve, however, the Financial Intelligence Unit itself forwarded part of the findings by informing, in an official statement, the freezing of bank accounts of Lozoya.
Although Lozoya sought the closure of the file in the case of Odebrecht, Tribunal ordered to publish it
“It was identified in the national and international financial system that multiple operations were carried out with resources that allegedly do not come from licit activities, which are presumed to be derived from acts of corruption… The freezing of accounts is included in the legal faculties envisaged that has the UIF in the Federal Law for the prevention and identification of operations with resources of illicit origin (anti-laundering law), said the UIF that heads Santiago Nieto.
In addition, the secretariat of the public service had previously indicated, in a statement issued on 22 May, which disabled ten years to an former federal officer (Emilio Lozoya) after detecting that he did not report in his patrimonial statement at least one account Bank in which strong sums of money would have been deposited.
This account, and others of alleged relatives and prestanombres of Lozoya, would have been frozen.
The business with Odebrecht and Pemex, the reasons why they arrested the owner of blast furnaces
The FGR only explained on its part that the formal complaint was presented last March, and that as a result of it were obtained various orders of apprehension that, according to sources consulted, would be at least three. The only one specified until Tuesday night was against the President of the Board of Directors of Alonso Hornos, Alonso Ancira Elizondo.
It should be recalled that a journalistic investigation of Fifth Element Lab revealed that after blast furnaces received the aforementioned payment for the plant of fertilizers in bad condition, transferred resources to a series of companies off Shore (phantom) linked with the builder Odebrecht, who then triangulated it to another facade company allegedly linked to Lozoya.
The federal authorities have not confirmed whether this possible payment of bribes to the exfunctionary is part of the investigation that gave rise to his arrest warrant, nor the relationship of this case with alleged acts of corruption that would have been committed between Pemex and the Odebrecht Constructora, during the management of Lozoya.
Authorities investigate house acquired by Lozoya in Las Lomas
Search for suspension against order
The lawyers of Emilio Lozoya initiated the promotion of a lawsuit of amparo before the court eighth of District in matter of criminal protection of the first circuit, with which they seek two things: to obtain a provisional suspension against the possible capture of the former director of And, in turn, confirm that the same has been turned.
The demand for amparo was promoted before a court in which Lozoya has already successfully processed three lawsuits for prior protection. This Wednesday the holder of the said court, Luz María Ortega Tlapa, could grant the suspension in what it requests to the competent authorities the reports on the order of arrest turned.
It should be noted that the eventual suspension would not exempt Lozoya from facing the charges but, in any case, it would be ordered to appear before the judge who claims to make the accusation, but without being previously captured.
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