translated from Spanish: Report Nonconformance to IMSS services

The dissatisfaction is a constant that surrounds the beneficiaries of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS): Seven out of ten users of the medical service present some degree of disagreement, going from 21.21 percent that is poorly satisfied, a 22.94 percent declared unsatisfied, up to 30.74 percentage points, where the consulted marked that they were very dissatisfied (question 1), according to a survey conducted via social networks (Facebook and WhatsApp) by the survey team of THE DEBATE. 

Also, the waiting periods for obtaining appointments with the specialized doctors was the factor with the worst measurement: almost seven out of ten consulted highlighted it as very bad or bad, with the 35.92 and 33.50 percent, respectively (question 2). 

Also, the wait for the consultations is another one of the factors that annoyed the users of the social networks: almost six of every ten netizens asserted that the delay in the medical appointments is bad (29.95%) and very bad (with 27.41, 1%) , according to the results (question 3). 

Among the options that would contribute to the improvement of these health services, a better attention by the staff stood out, with the 21.01% preference; followed by a greater number of medical personnel (elected by 19.11 percent), as well as a higher budget for the institution (16.35 percent incidence), according to the view of cyber users. Other factors that would substantially improve the service were more clinical (14.44 percent), eradicate corruption within the Nosocomios (13.16 percent), and finally better management (11.68 percent) (question 3). In another aspect, the treatment of staff towards patients — as indicated by the digital readers of THE DEBATE — remains with a negative evaluation, adding the answers of bad or very bad the 46.74 percentage points (question 5).

No changes
With the start of the administration led by Andrés Manuel Lopez Obrador on December 1, 2018, the perception of at least seven out of ten users of the electronic media is that the service provided by the IMSS remains the same, According to the information provided by the followers of the social networks of THE DEBATE (question 4).

The resignation of Germán Martínez Cazares on May 21, 2019 as general director of the IMSS for alleged failures in the budget and «Organization of this important organism, powered by the guillotine to the resources imposed by the executive», left Zoe Alejandro Robledo Aburto at the head of the Institute (note available on the link Martínez denounced that in order to comply with the instructions for austerity and discipline of expenditure, ordered by the President of the Republic, «some officials of the Ministry of Finance have a pernicious interference and» endanger the egalitarian vocation, of justice and, in particular, the provision of health services that Social security has. ‘ Furthermore, he added that Andrés Manuel López Obrador always proclaimed the end of neoliberalism, but that in the IMSS some Treasury interferences are of neoliberal essence: «Saving and more savings, cuts of personnel and more cuts of personnel, and an institutional redesign Where the charge is more important than the order. » However, the senator of the National Regeneration Movement (Morena) Rubén Rocha Moya abounded who does not know about the existence of a plan that reformulates the main problems exposed by the citizenry. On the assortment of drugs, Rocha Moya Limited itself to recognise the guidelines marked by López Obrador: «I do not know any plan of restructuring in the IMSS and, on the supply of medicines, the most updated is the declared right now by the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, in the sense that he will be destined to solve the supply of medicines, ‘ he said. On the other hand, the federal Congresswoman Nancy Yadira Santiago Marcos said that with the recent modification in the organization of the IMSS, changes in the same way were made to the acquisition of the medicines: «When the consolidated purchases are made, we will guarantee to have Drugs at more affordable prices. It has been seen that there were inflated drugs, and this will ensure the supply in clinics, ‘ he said. The legislator settled that the road marked in the IMSS is positive and contracts contributes to clean up the image that exists of the institute: «They wanted us to believe that there would be shortage of medicine, that would not reach the money, that there is no money: Of course there is. The President of the Republic has said that he does not skimp on resources to ensure the health of citizens ‘. He emphasized that a direct work of the members is the observance in the operation of specific areas of the IMSS. At the close of this edition, Yadira Santiago said that there is no rapprochement with Zoé Robledo. Expressed that the arrival of the medicines to the institutions in time and form will be guaranteed: «We are at the end of the deadline of the delivery-reception of the past administration, and for that reason is that there was a little delay. The deadline is met by the end of this month. We hope that in June appointments will be made with the people who will be dealing with the issues of agriculture, IMSS and the Institute of Social Security and services of state workers (Issste) to ensure more information and give it to Know, «he said. Cuts
Finally, Alfredo Villegas Arreola, federal deputy for the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), mentioned that the scheduled application of the federal budget approved on December 24, 2018 (the date on which the House of Deputies gave the approval ) has not been fulfilled, this aggravated by the decreases and retentions to institutions such as the IMSS and the Issste. In view of this, he called on the federal government not to make cuts to sectors as sensitive as the health of Mexican workers: «They are in the operation, in services, in an ill-conceived austerity; They end up in physical damage, not caring for people in their medical claims, treatments, cures, etcetera. There is a requirement for the secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) to comply with the schedule of implementation of the resources that were approved in the federal budget 2019 ‘.

THE DATOSIncidente
On May 26, 2019 a fire was reported in the archive department at the IMSS in Mazatlan, which caused panic and mobilization of emergency elements (note available at Complaint
On April 27, 2019, Issste’s beneficiaries in Sinaloa claimed for the lack of drugs against hypertension and diabetes (note published by THE DEBATE available on the link). Germán Martínez renounces General Management of the IMSS
The morning of Tuesday 21 May 2019 was informed by the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) The resignation of Germán Martínez Cázarez to the Directorate General of the Institute. Through a letter, which was disseminated on the IMSS page, it can be read that Martínez Cázarez pointed out interference by staff of the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit. THE DEBATE presented a part of the contents of the letter that Germán Martínez sent to the Technical Council of the IMSS: «I want to say it as clear as I can and I must: Some officials of the Secretary of the Treasury have a pernicious interference in the IMSS and put at risk the Equal vocation, of justice and, in particular, of the provision of health services that Social security has. ‘ Furthermore, he added that Andrés Manuel López Obrador always proclaimed the end of neoliberalism, but in the IMSS some Treasury interferences are of neoliberal essence: «Saving and more savings, cuts of personnel and more cuts of personnel, and an institutional redesign where It matters more the charge than the order ‘.

Germán Martínez Cázarez resigned from the General Directorate of the Institute.

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