translated from Spanish: «Revenge sex» caused mother suicide of two girls after colleagues disseminate sex video

The fact has shocked Spain and the world. Who was a worker at the Iveco Industrial CNH truck Factory, 32 years old and mother of two girls, committed suicide after co-workers began to broadcast a sex video of her, which in turn had been exposed by an ex-lover , who also appears in the register. The guy had become obsessed again, but the married woman rejected her attempts, so she performed what is known as «revenge pornography», publishing the intimate records of both, which were more than 5 years old, but that occurred in a period when the woman already He was a couple with his current husband. The victim so far has only been identified as Veronica, and according to the case reports was deeply distressed after the video was broadcast among her co-workers, and above all she feared it would come to her husband’s hands. The record began airing last week in a group of WhatsApp workers in the factory where Veronica worked, which decided to ask for support to the Human Resources section. From the department he was advised to bring a judicial complaint, but the woman finally decided to wait for everything to happen. Susana Martín, coworker of Veronica said that she «was very nervous and had to leave the factory because he did not endure the pressure, both here and his family environment (…) She wanted the story to happen, for people to stop talking as soon as possible. I didn’t plan on reporting. » The desperate situation reached its limit when Veronica’s husband saw the video, which caused the woman to enter a state of shock and finally decided to hang herself. From the factory they expressed their condolences after the suicide and announced that they would take measures against those who were responsible for the dissemination of the video. Through a statement they said «We are still in shock and grief and indignation desasosiega us. That this should not have happened, all of us are clear. The irresponsible use of social networks in all respects is producing tragic consequences. So the first thing we want to do is warn about this misuse. In this case, the most serious, has shared responsibilities and will have to debug. »

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