translated from Spanish: The LGBTTI movement in 4T what to do? -The opinion of Benjamin Mendoza

At the beginning of the last decade of the last century, as the world collapsed economically and world politics rewrote, the end of history came, Premeditatedly announced, for all and all oppressed. The voices clamoring for justice were silenced with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the class grudge was supplanted by movie theatres flooded with Gremlins and the outcast, again, would have to make up for surviving as they could. The struggles emanating from the cultural phenomenon that the cold war meant, particularly those born in the Sixties, conceptually, always distinguished themselves from the political-armed independence movements, libertarians or revolutionaries by Concentrating on specific sectors of society with specific demands, a condition that isolated them and irremediably led them, in most cases, to failure. The historical example is clear, concise and forceful, if the level of consciousness of the specific claimants does not rise to the degree of the fundamental contradiction represented in the oppression-oppressed class dichotomy, atomization will come by itself, it is only A matter of time.
15 days or so ago, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced from National Palace, within the framework of his morning conference, the presidential Decree by which, on 17 May it would be nationally commemorated as “the National Day of the fight against Homophobia, Lesbophobia, biphobia and Transphobia “, recalling also that equal marriage is already a reality in 18 entities of the country and what, the fact of taking action against discrimination and hate crimes, responds to the construction of a society Authentically Democratic where freedom and justice prevail, on the other hand, last Saturday, the BRUNETTE in Michoacán joined the national march called “Gay Pride”, stealing the spotlights of sympathizers and opponents, highlighting the feature Inclusive of the party, the State President of that political Institute respectfully behaved the flag of colors with the logo of the party, which hondeó in the templete without any setback. In this way, the leftist government makes a small nod to a sector that has historically been marginalized and that in Mexico was invisible to all levels of power, in addition to being plural and inclusive, however, for more
Progressive that looks like this measure and even if the federal government designs a strategy of combating intolerance via the CONAPRED, the LGBTTI community and especially the LGBTTI movement, there is still much to do.
The right to marriage, to the adoption and elaboration of educational, cultural and even coercive strategies to combat discrimination and hate crimes are enormous conquests by this sector in recent years, even with the administration Former federal characterised by its authoritarianism, the LGBTTI movement has had the capacity to be made visible and to present its demands as social problems that afflict the generality, to become priority of the agendas of many dependencies, However, not to repeat the history of its predecessors of the decades of the 60 ´ s and 70 ´ s of the last century must be their greatest concern, its maximum conquest.
After the so-called “end of Utopias”, the movements called “Altermundista” or “new social movements” emerged in series, and is that the absence of directionality and program promotes Espontaneismo. Then suddenly the world was mobilized in isolation, from gripe to environmentalists, all of them then presented something in common and a sea of differences. The defeat that meant not being able to agglutinate all these kinds of anti-capitalist expressions, in many cases, was due to the emptiness that the disintegration of the left parties, the communists themselves, left after the political crisis suffered after the fall of The USSR, but in many others, was nothing other than the disdain on the part of these political institutes, which, under prejudices and misinterpretations of the revolutionary theory, undertook historically marginalized sectors such as the LGBTTI and condemned it to Exile from the Struggle in solitude. The words of Machiavelli were never more right, “divide and rule.”
Until the appearance of the BRUNETTE, left-wing parties and popular social movements had coexisted, at least in the recent history of Mexico, separately, today the BRUNETTE, within its broad character and its own understanding of what is the left , it raises the work together, on the one hand, and on the other, the integration, seeking thus to redirect the sectorial struggles, like that of the LGBTTI movement, raising the level of demands until the takeover of power. Trying to fill the gap we were talking about and the PRD did not know how to occupy, the LGBTTI movement in Mexico has a historical opportunity, subscribe to a serious reference that raises the transformation of the nation by taking power and what, in addition to this , is progressive enough to include him in his agenda of priorities.
In the face of current crises and the impossibility of capitalism to give them a way out, the reconquest of the political stage by the classical theories of the left is imminent, the convergence of the various anti-systemic struggles will be the task Main of the left-wing parties at the global level and the resurgence, of the class party as an instrument of power-taking of the subaltern classes, necessary. The failure of the sectoral movements outside the party, in the most remote past as in the most recent, has its origin in the stagnation of the demands, because they are impossible to travel the cultural spectrum and the sense of trade, or they are fulfilled and not Applied, or are denied and forgotten. The existence of a program that integrates these demands not only guarantees the follow-up and the debate in this respect, it also gives seriousness and projects, politically, the elevation of the economic contradictions, and thus, the growth of the levels of consciousness of Class.
The LGBTTI movement must understand that discrimination and intolerance are the product of an education that prioritizes inequality and criminalizes poverty, that even if it is fought, misery will not disappear and that whatever is different, as long as it is Poor thing, it will not take place in the world, however “normal” it tries to be. The change of 4T is the transformation of reality to end these social ills, however, it will do no good if the LGBTTI not mature politically at par with its media position, the politicization of its manifestations and not extravagance is what Determine your duration and your role in recent history. The road, inevitably, must be the rise of demand with respect to the fundamental contradiction of increased and simplified capitalism in neoliberal times, the distribution of wealth.

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