translated from Spanish: There will be political judgement against the former auditor of Michoacán

Morelia, Michoacán. – After the first district judge in Morelia, issue the order to the State Congress to repeat the vote on the opinion presented in January 2018 by the governing committees and constitutional points, the LXXIV endorsed the origin of trial Politician against the former senior Auditor, José Luis López Salgado.
It was the insistence of the members of the Michoacan Evaluation Center (CEMIDE), which allowed the opinion to return to the executive power, despite the appeal of review promoted by the Chairman of the board of the current legislature, José Antonio Salas Valencia.
The vote was divided, but at the end blunt with difference of 10 votes: in favor voted 23 deputies of the benches of the PRI, PAN, MC and Morena-with the exception of Sergio Báez Torres-, while against voted 13 legislators belonging to the PRD, PT, the Independent and PVEM.
Yarabí Avila González, had the pleasure of reading the vote and with it the application of the opinion of political judgement, because during the last legislature, the deputy PRI was the principal whistleblower of irregularities by the ex-auditor, making in repeated Occasions a call to appear and then waive the charge.
The complaint was filed by the CEMIDE in 2017, accusing Lopez Salgado of being disregarded in the statement of control of a credit to a company, with an amount of 1.3 billion pesos and the lack of information on the application of a resource of 400 million more.

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