translated from Spanish: 4 policemen bonaerenses by death of musician Diego Cagliero

The investigation progresses by the death of the musician Diego Cagliero who received bullet hits during a police chase after an alleged robbery in a supermarket in the town of Martín Coronado. For the case, four police officers of the February 3 Patrol command were separated from their duties. The decision was taken by the Auditor General of Internal Affairs of the Ministry of Security, Guillermo Berra, who initiated an internal summary to evaluate the conduct of assistant officers Gonzalo Martín Juárez and Julián Roberto Juncal, the official Deputy Inspector Sergio Darío Montenegro and Officer Rodrigo César Exequiel Canstatt and separated them preventively from their duties. Justice investigates whether they had criminal responsibility in the episode that led to the death of musician Diego Cagliero (30), of which at least six other troops participated.

Diego Cagliero was a musician and was 30 years old.

Yesterday, relatives of the musician, who was to be a father in a few months, met with Minister Cristian Riton, who asked the clarification of the fact, which consider an “easy trigger” case. How was the case the judicial investigation is in charge of the prosecutor Gabriela Disnan, of the functional unit of instruction (UFI) 5 of San Martín, who has by credited that on May 19 a group of eight young people arrived in a van with the logo of the company Aysa to surpass me Rcado Day located in Perón at 7300, by Martín Coronado, Party of Tres de Febrero.

Six of them grabbed burgers and alcoholic beverages and wanted to go without paying the local, which generated in the sidewalk an argument with the security personnel of the trade, so they ruled out part of the merchandise but took the alcohol, according to the CA Used. According to a Watchman’s account, one of the young men would have told him “eye that I shot you”, but at no time did anyone of the accused display a firearm. From the supermarket gave notice to the 911 and thus was mounted a bolt operation and a chase that culminated when several patrolmen of the 5th precinct. Euphrasius Alvarez and the local Patrol command intercepted the van at the corner of Campo de Mayo and Avenida Márquez, about 17 blocks from the supermarket. The policemen stated that they heard the detonation of a firearm and thus repelled the alleged assault with gunfire, one of which hit Cagliero’s chest, who was killed in the van. The prosecutor investigates whether that alleged first shot from the van allegedly by the policemen existed or not, if it could have been carried out by a airgun or if it was a shot of another policeman who was on the other side of where the chase came. The case file was unfolded and the “aggravated robbery for having been committed in town and in band” and another one for the death of the musician is investigated. In this note:

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