translated from Spanish: After two years they retake the search for the missing woman in Potrerillos

The researchers returned this Wednesday to the Potrerillos area in search of new clues to let you know what happened to Viviana Luna, the 45-year-old woman who went on a job interview at the end of 2016 and never returned. Police activity in that tourist area revives a case full of questions. In the middle of the summer, in daylight, a mother of four children disappeared without a trace. And they became rastrillajes, though without results. Now, two years and five months after the start of the research, the People Search division returns to the place where the story began to gather new testimonies and — perhaps — new clues. The localities of the thrushes, Valley of the sun and white stones are under the magnifying glass. Little is known about what happened the morning when the witnesses last saw Viviana. It was Wednesday: one of his children approached her to some cabins where they were going to offer him a job. After meeting with the owner of the resort, she said she was coming home. It never came. She was also expected by a friend she had promised to visit. He didn’t show up there either. No one else saw her. There was talk of a possible crime and even managed the hypothesis of a suicide, as Luna had left in his computer letters for members of his family. Of course, these texts may have been drafted under pressure. At another time of the search, the Facebook account of the woman recorded some activity, which enlarged the mystery. The truth is that something happened that morning: something that is not yet resolved. As their friends insist, «it cannot be that Viviana has swallowed the earth.»

There is still reward for those who provide data on Viviana’s whereabouts

That is why a reward of $100,000 is still valid for the person who provides accurate information on the whereabouts of the woman. Those with data can contact phones 4497707 or directly to 911. In this note:
Viviana Luna
Missing woman

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