translated from Spanish: All you know so far the doctor detained for child pornography

Ricardo Alberto Roffo, aged 55, was arrested on Tuesday 28 for tenure, distribution and production of child pornography. When the police went to get him, he kidnapped his cell phone and a pendrive. The case originated from the operation called «Luz de infancy III», which started the FBI in the United States, continued in Brazil and here in Argentina, where seven procedures were carried out, one of which culminated with the arrest of Russo. 
The Secretary of Justice and security of the city, Marcelo D’Alessandro, said that following the raids «are hijacked computers and pendrives where there are strong evidence, the boys being abused.» The doctor is accused of the production and distribution of pornography. The protagonists of the videos they found are boys between 6 months and 14 years. 
The arrest occurred at the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in computer crimes, by the prosecutor Daniela Dupuy and ordered by the judge in the Penal, contraventional and of misdemeanours 24 Maria Alejandra Doti. At the time of his arrest, the man was taken to the police station and since this morning he remains in the city attorney’s office, located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo. There, prosecutor Dupuy read the charges and waits to see if the apprehended will answer questions as part of the inquiry.

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