translated from Spanish: Even salmon tied to structures: Sernapesca controlled Salmona for improper handling

An anonymous complaint motivated Sernapesca to oversee the Depe Ndencias of the Yatac Culture Center, located in Quellón. The inspection, carried out on Thursday, May 30th, allowed to verify to the service the improper handling of dead salmon by the company Invermar S.A.
At the site, the inspectors found maxi sacks with mortality, those that were moored to structures of the cultivation center and posts on barges. Silages, for their part, had exceeded their maximum capacity. Sernapesca denounce the fact before the Superintendency of the environment.
«In parallel, we are evaluating the complaint before the civil courts because there have also been serious breaches of the fisheries law, specifically the sanitary regulation of aquaculture. We do not discard other actions because we might also have some kind of environmental damage or offense that we are verifying, «said Sernapesca Regional director, Eduardo Aguilera.
Aguilera added that, in cases of unexpected mortality generation, such as those caused by low oxygen in culture centres in Aysén, companies should notify the SERNAPESCA.
The national Director of the service, Alicia Gallardo, added that the organism «will be inflexible in the application of the maximum rigour of our regulation to the detection of these irregularities».

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