translated from Spanish: Gloria Himel Félix, a la CNOP

The representative Gloria Himel Felix Niebla will be assuming the leadership of the CNOP in Sinaloa next week, everything indicates that the event will be on Monday. Currently in charge Ramiro Garza who arrived in an interim instead of Cristabel Zamora. Remember that Cristabel Zamora protested as leader of the popular sector in Sinaloa in March 2017 when Carlos Gandarilla was at the forefront of the state PRI, The charge left him to seek a candidacy for aldermen. If there are no last-minute changes, next week will lead the popular sector PRI an experienced policy — which has been mayor, federal deputy and currently local legislator — to reinforce the party that directs Jesus Valdés Palazuelos. So the signal Is that in the PRI are being strengthened with pictures of trajectory and experience, they will surely seek to show political muscle to revive the CNOP that together with the CNC have been of the strongest sectors of the tricolor. Another sign is that they give more play to the Representative Gloria Himel Felix, which already sounded like the strong letter of the PRI bench to assume the board of the Congress of the state in several months more, so very attentive because the political board is still moving. Change. As for the renewal of the national presidency of the PRI more PRI tables of high level continue to be added against the governor of Campeche, Alejandro «Alito» Moreno. Yesterday the former governor of Sinaloa and former candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Francisco Labastida Ochoa said that a sad ending is predicted if Moreno arrives at the national leadership of the tricolor. It was direct to point out that with Alito Moreno there is a risk that the PRI will be in the service of the federal government and may even disappear. «It foresee nothing good to the party, foresee it more than a sad ending,» said Labastida in referring to the future of his party with the leadership of the current governor of Campeche. By the way, he still doesn’t ask for a license. Likewise, in the opinion of the presidential candidate there are only two candidates, José Narro and Ivonne Ortega. Who openly gives them their backing. Here you only have to ask if the deputy Ortega still belongs to the PRI because he rebelled and even flirted with being independent. What overtook yesterday, the PRI Dome and the old guard will seek that the former rector of the UNAM, José Narro, is the next national president of the PRI. For now the forecasts are reserved in a party that is dying and next Sunday is played the record and has no chance or to fight for the governorship in Puebla and Baja California. Outstanding. The mayor of Navolato, Eliazar Gutiérrez, and the mayor of Angostura, Aglaeé Montoya, participated in the consultation Forum on the National Development Plan with municipal presidents. The event was organized by the Chamber of Deputies in Mexico City. For its part, the municipal president of Navolato said that in the next Forum on June 20 will have the opportunity to participate to find more resources to the municipalities, in addition to Be directly. The municipal president of Angostura, Aglaeé Montoya, asked the federal deputies to exempt from VAT the rural tourism, to strengthen the capture of income of the city councils and to enable a program of cheap energy to municipalities with agricultural and fishing activity. We will see if they achieve something of the proposals, but of what there is no doubt that Eliazar Gutiérrez and Aglaeé Montoya are the most active municipal presidents and that better work are doing. Don’t lose sight of them. Political memory. «Criticism must be made in time; It is not necessary to be carried away by the bad habit of criticizing only after consummated the facts «: Mao Tse-Tung.

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