translated from Spanish: Merciless slaughter of whales and dolphins came to dye the sea red

The terrible slaughter of approximately 250 whales and dolphins occurred this Wednesday near the city of Torshavn, capital of the Faroe Islands, an independent archipelago belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark. The phenomenon corresponds to a cultural tradition of the sector, taking advantage of the migration of these species to the north, and has for the final purpose the commercialization of the meat of the animals, but the images of the slaughter of this year have been around the world since- By the level of it-the sea literally came to be dyed red, due to the blood shed by cetaceans. The system they use in the Faroe Islands to hunt these animals is to push them to the coast with boats, and after acorralarlos the sailors are driving harpoons in the neck with the intention of breaking the spine. Finally the bodies are dragged to the shore using hooks that are stuck in their flesh. The inhabitants of the place defend the slaughter by pointing out that it allows the people of the archipelago to nourish themselves with the hundreds of kilos of meat resulting from the process and they also use their skins. But in contrast, animal organizations have rejected the fact, such as Blue Planet Society, an organization that accuses that «about 500 cetaceans have already been killed to be consumed on these islands since the beginning of 2019.» For this reason they have erected an online request that already has more than 260,000 signatures, asking to prohibit the hunting of whale dolphins in both Japan and the Faroe Islands.

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