translated from Spanish: Miguel Ángel Solá and Paula Cancio say goodbye to the scenarios Porteños

Miguel Ángel Solá goes on stage with his wife Paula Cancio, to say goodbye to the scenarios porteños with «Double or Nothing», the success that comes starring and will start his third season in the new theatre Regina from next June 14 with the direction Quique Quintanilla.La’s award-winning work by the playwright Sabina Berman, which garnered the best critics of the public and the specialized press, returns for eight weeks and will be the last chance to enjoy the talent of both artists in our country, Since then they will move to Spain where they will settle down definitively.
The actors gathered together with the producers Ana Belén Beas and Miguel Ángel Chulia (the Uncle Caracoles Producciones), to sign the contract of this new season of a deep work that calls to the reflection. The work tells the story of the director of an important media that should leave his post in the hands of one of his two sub-directors. One is a woman; Male the other. What will influence this decision?: The capacity?, the sex?, the experience?, the audacity? The hoax, the trap?… A work of emotional impact, in which nothing is what appears to be, and in which treason and love are continuous turns of that false thread called… Power.

The show can be enjoyed from Friday to Sunday at 20 hours at the Regina Theatre and the tickets can be purchased at the theatre ticket office or by Plateanet system. 

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