translated from Spanish: Minister of the Interior described as «biased» and «ideological» Amnesty International’s report criticizing the government

The Minister of the Interior, referred to the report of Ammistía International, which released the third, which stipulated that the Government has increased its debt by 53% and has declined by only 7.69%.
«I have read what the press has published, just two comments: I think a very biased vision, very ideologized, focuses mainly on bills on gender and sexuality,» said the secretary of State.
The report establishes, among other questions, that the government hindered the application of the depenalization of abortion in three causalities, recognized as debt the non-promotion of equality of rights in the field of gender, as a result of equal marriage and He detailed discrimination against migrants and refugees.
«It’s brutal when you’re talking about people, because ‘ ordering the house ‘ usually means throwing away what doesn’t work for us,» the report said.
The document also criticized an «excessive use of force» by the Carabineros.
In this regard, Chadwick said that «very biased, very generic, lacks information, should seek more background to do their job well,» reported the third.

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